Hello Everyone,

I am interested to ask if anyone has considered that there is a good chance the people (or person) from Cicada have looked at this site to see how the search has been progressing on a community level.

Now I'm not saying they would ever contribute, that would expose all sorts of information to an astute community who would do whatever possible to extract it, although it is not impossible.

The philosophy, literacy, art, etc. displayed throughout the onions suggest some broader aim of the test, the leaning towards a coding/mathematical basis is perhaps not telling of the actual aim of Cicada 3301, to find diverse intelligent individuals, whether this be on a logical or creative level. I can understand why whatever entity that set this test would want to see the reception of the more creative elements to the puzzles. In my opinion the puzzle is searching for well-rounded people, and the stress of the puzzles thus far has been on the excellence of the individual. A well-rounded individual is so very difficult to find, but as a community the problem has been tackled from all sorts of angles.

Since the petering out of the last series I was somewhat dissatisfied, not knowing whether it is actually closed or just unsolved. As a result I entreat anyone with any information, big or small, to send it to the following email address which was set up for this exact purpose.

Whether you want this information to be shared or not is completely up to you and I fully respect your decision.

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